This section of the webpage contains a short overview of what appellate law is. It then contains some detailed and technical discussions on several different appellate issues. Many of these discussions were taken from the submissions of appellate lawyers throughout the country to CounselWeb's appellate law e-mail discussion list. If you have any comments on the issues on this page, feel free to use the submission form at the bottom of each page. If appropriate, we will include your comments on the webpage.

In General

What is Appellate Law?

Trial Court Proceedings

Trial Court Problems

Constitutionality of Appeal Bond

Appellate Lawyers

Certification for Appellate Lawyers

Appellate Judges and Courts

Complexity of Appellate Rules in Different States

Election or Appointment of Appellate Judges

Appellate Briefs

Importance of Following Appellate Briefing Rules

Standard of Review

Alternative Citation Formats

Order of Statement of Facts and Statement of the Case

Reviewing a Long-Record Appeal

Oral Argument

Oral argument for amici?


Right to Full and Fair Hearing

Review by Supreme Court

Circuit Conflicts


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