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Weclome to the Appellate Law Webpage, with information about appeals, appellate lawyers, appellate law, appellate courts, appellate practice, and appellate procedure. This webpage is divided into the following sections:

Appellate law begins where most other litigation ends. There is no discovery, and the appellate record is limited to what was presented to the trial court. An appeal is presented to a multi-judge appellate panel and is decided almost entirely on the written briefs. The procedural and strategic issues on an appeal are very different than the issues involved in other types of litigation

This section of the webpage contains a short explanation on what appellate law is and how it differs from other areas of litigation. It then contains discussions on several different appellate issues. Many of these discussions were taken from the submissions of appellate lawyers throughout the country to CounselWeb's appellate law e-mail discussion list. (Information on signing up for this and other lists is provided below.)

Appellate practice varies from state to state and from federal circuit to federal circuit. We are in the process of having attorneys in different states develop substantive webpages on appellate law is each state and in each federal circuit.

This section of the webpage contains links to the appellate law webpages covering different states and the federal circuits.

The section of the webpage contains information about whether you need an appellate attorney and what to look for when selecting one. It also contains lists of appellate attorneys in different states.

There is a tremendous amount of information about the law on the internet.

This sections contains indexed and annotated links to other legal webpages and websites.

If you have any comments or feedback on this site, or would like to sign up to develop one of the state or federal circuit appellate law webpages, you can use this form to contact us.

The internet is a great way to exchange information, and e-mail discussion lists are a growing part of the internet. CounselWeb sponsors 65 appellate law e-mail discussion lists that focus on the different state and federal appeallate courts (and 1500 legal discussion lists on different topic). This section of the webpage contains an on-line form to sign up for these appellate law discussion lists, and a link to sign up for CounselWeb's other legal discussion lists..

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